Full name:
FINAL Pasarič, proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o.

Shortened name:
FINAL Pasarič d.o.o.

Company seat:

Spodnja Rečica 80 f

Address of the plant:
Cesta v MEDLOG

Statistical classification:
House painting 42.220

Company ID number:

Tax number:

Account numbers:
IBAN SI56 0600 0006 8577 165 (BANKA CELJE d.d.)
IBAN SI56 2510 0972 6106 156 (PROBANKA, d.d.)

Nominal capital:

Aljaž Pasarič

Registry entry:
Okrožno sodišče Celje - no. 00484

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Values of FINAL Pasarič d.o.o.

Our aims consist of aims of organisational units and those consist of aims of individuals. Co-ordinates activities are based on co-ordinated aims and individuals' focus on those aims.

Social responsibility
A socially responsible company is economically successful, with social and environmental factors included in business activities. It meets customers' needs, as well as cares for expectations of other parties, such as employees, suppliers and communities.

It is a value demonstrated by individuals at completing a task with their knowledge, skills and expertise. Such individuals know and master their fields of expertise.

While striving for our customers' satisfaction, we create greater added value than our competitors. The basic condition of our approach is sales and delivery excellence. The latter is connected to consistent and thorough meeting of our obligations.

Due to constantly changing environment, as well as humans, we have to continue adapting to changes with all our teams and individuals.

Growth and development
These are inseparable and also form a condition for long-term existence of our company.

Most tasks surpass an individual's abilities; however, they do not surpass abilities of a team.

Satisfaction of stakeholders
The main goal of a socially responsible company is to satisfy customers as well as every other stakeholder (suppliers, employees, shareholders, local and wider communities). Profit only provides means for long-term development and existence of the company.