Full name:
FINAL Pasarič, proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o.

Shortened name:
FINAL Pasarič d.o.o.

Company seat:

Spodnja Rečica 80 f

Address of the plant:
Cesta v MEDLOG

Statistical classification:
House painting 42.220

Company ID number:

Tax number:

Account numbers:
IBAN SI56 0600 0006 8577 165 (BANKA CELJE d.d.)
IBAN SI56 2510 0972 6106 156 (PROBANKA, d.d.)

Nominal capital:

Aljaž Pasarič

Registry entry:
Okrožno sodišče Celje - no. 00484

About us

The company was established in 1991 and we still operate as a family company. FINAL Pasarič d.o.o. is listed among the leading Slovenian companies in anti-corrosion protection, sandblasting and rehabilitation of concrete surfaces. In addition, the company specializes in finishing works in construction: façade, house painting, tile laying etc.

The company is based in Laško with its plant in Celje (Medlog). We employ around 30 staff; some of them have university degrees (construction engineers, economists and chemists).


To remain among the best in our field of expertise in Slovenia and to expand our services beyond its borders. We are determined to continue providing quality service, introducing cutting edge technologies, investing in development of new materials and technological procedures, as well as to further educate our staff. Furthermore, we want to add static strengthening of concrete constructions to our activities.


It is our mission to satisfy our customers' needs by offering quality service and to satisfy our employees' needs by providing proper income, social security and personal development.

In our business, we always strive to offer more. Therefore, we are constantly looking for additional solutions how to meet our customers' increasing needs. In addition to our regular services, we offer expert and technical counselling regarding the choice of materials.


Final Pasarič d.o.o. is a family company established in 1991. New circumstances set off by the independence of the country and the narrowing down of the market have proved a challenge in development. Primarily, our initial activity used to be ACP of power lines. In short time, the company began expanding; we patented and sold the FINAL RAL colour hue. Today, Final Pasarič d.o.o. is a successful company, widely expanded in construction business.